Welcome to Vips’s documentation!

By using the YouTube-8M labeled video dataset, create an extensible microservice-based platform able to perform processing tasks such as browsing, smart faceted searching & filtering, etc. Adopting both machine learning (or deep learning) techniques and semantic Web technologies, the system will be able to make various visualizations (e.g., semantic zoom), correlations, classifications, and recommendations exposed via a SPARQL endpoint. Also, a comparison study will be provided to explain the obtained results.


  • 11/17/2018 - Created the overview microservices architecture
  • 11/17/2018 - Created documentation page
  • 11/18/2018 - Added mockup for vips home page
  • 11/25/2018 - Added videos api
  • 11/25/2018 - Added videos api documentation (apidoc, swagger, openapi)
  • 11/27/2018 - Added new digrams
  • 11/28/2018 - Updated the documentation to support the image api
  • 11/28/2018 - Created the html scholarly report
  • 11/28/2018 - Added mock for client